Who are we?

SydPath is a fully accredited NATA/RCPA/TGA registered laboratory offering a wide range of pathology services. We are located within the St Vincent’s Hospital Campus, Darlinghurst, Sydney. We are apart of St Vincent’s Health, Australia which is the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider. St Vincent’s Health Network operates six public hospitals, 10 private hospitals and 20 aged care facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

St Vincent’s Health Australia has been providing health care in Australia for 160 years, since our first hospital was established in Sydney in 1857 by the Sisters of Charity. The photograph displayed below is of the original hospital. Find out more about our heritage here.

The original St Vincent’s Hospital 1857


SydPath offers a market-leading range of onsite testing and expert consultative support. Extensive experience at the forefront of diagnostic pathology and ongoing commitment to research and scientific development enables SydPath to provide a service based on the most recent advances in scientific pathology and laboratory technology.

To discover more about Pathology, see our ‘What is Pathology’ page here




Services and Products

Our Central Automated Laboratory operates 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week. We provide:

  • Call Centre and Help Desk support for our Clinicians, providing access to test results and interpretative advice.
  • Collection centre services in the Sydney metropolitan area and rural NSW.
  • Mobile collection services to nursing homes, private hospitals and patients’ homes.
  • Courier networks attending to urgent and routine specimen pick ups and report deliveries.
  • Hardcopy and electronic reporting.
  • Website access to SydPath’s Specimen Handling Database and other clinical links.
  • On-going client liaison

Our Clients include:

  • St Vincent’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Clinic
  • St Luke’s Hospital
  • Wolper Hospital
  • Moore and Narrabri Hospitals
  • General practitioners
  • Specialists
  • Private and Public sector laboratories
  • Hospital research programs
  • Universities
  • Research institutions

Partnered Research Institutes:

We have a very successful partnership with three major co-located research institutes:

  • the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
  • the Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

Find more information on our research partnerships here.

SydPath also provides commercial health testing services that are tailor made to meet our client’s requirements. We often collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for their clinical trial & research programs. We develop a strong partnership with our clients to facilitate accurate results with a fast turnaround time.

Our History

Records of St Vincent’s Pathology date from 1894 when Charles Mater was appointed as Honorary Pathologist and since then, the Pathology Department has progressively expanded.  More pathologists, scientists, tests and specialty areas have been added to the pathology service each year.

In 1987, the Sydney Health Area Group Pathology (SydPath) service was established to provide services to St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Hospital, St Margaret’s Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital.

In 1991, the above arrangement was reorganised with Sydney Hospital Pathology being provided by South Eastern Area Pathology Service.

Dr Arthur Hamilton Trebbutt

Dr Trebbutt was born 30th September 1884 in Quirindi, NSW, Australia and died on 4th September 1962 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. He was the Director of Pathology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, before moving on to be Director of Pathology at St Vincent’s around 1943.

What we know of Dr Tebbutt during the 1920’s:

  • Recognised contributor in the fields of anatomy, haematology, bacteriology and serology.
  • A pioneer for blood grouping in Australia, including blood grouping in Australian Aborigines. He was a member of the NSW and Nation Blood Transfusion Services.
  • Assisted in the manufacture of vaccines against the Influenza epidemic of 1918.
  • Discovered that deaths connected to the diphtheria vaccinations in Bundaberg in 1928, were caused by staphylococcal contamination of those vaccines.
  • Led improvements in hospital pathology services.

What is Pathology?

To discover more about Pathology, see our ‘What is Pathology’ page here