SydPath is a fully NATA/RCPA/TGA accredited laboratory offering a wide range of pathology services. As a teaching hospital laboratory located within the St Vincent’s Hospital Campus, SydPath offers a market-leading range of onsite testing and expert consultative support. Extensive experience at the forefront of diagnostic pathology and ongoing commitment to research and scientific development enables SydPath to provide a service based on the most recent advances in scientific pathology and laboratory technology.

SydPath offers services to:

  • St Vincent’s Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • General practitioners
  • Specialists
  • Private and Public sector laboratories
  • Hospital research programs

SydPath also provides specialised services tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for their clinical trial & research programs.

This database contains information on the ordering, collection and handling of samples for Pathology Tests at SydPath.

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Our team of specialised pathologists are here to provide expert advice and assistance.

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SydPath offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic laboratory services that include:

  • All major pathology disciplines, including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, clinical pharmacology and toxicology, microbiology, immunopathology and haematology.
  • Specialised laboratory and consultative services in endocrinology, clinical pharmacology and immunopathology.
  • Professional clinical consultative services in haematology, transfusion medicine, immunopathology and infectious diseases.
  • Special skills and expertise in the expanding areas of fine needle cytopathology, molecular medicine and haematology and solid tumour cytogenetics.
  • Professional management of laboratory services for clinical trials and research studies.


SydPath Services – Working with us

At SydPath, we proudly provide our best care and service to all our patients, referring doctors, medical practices and facilities, and laboratories. We deliver professional and reliable pathology services and ensure access to a range of St Vincent’s Hospital expert clinical resources, including education and research knowledge to support your practice.

SydPath is currently expanding our service network to establish additional pathology collection centres in the Sydney Metropolitan and Greater Western Sydney area.

If you are interested in having an Approved Pathology Collection Centre located within your practice, or would prefer a free-standing Collection Centre located close to your practice, please do not hesitate to contact our Business Development Team by phone, email or via the attached contact form below.

Business Development Phone Enquiries: (02) 8382 9235 and Email:

We welcome the opportunity to work with you

Result and General Enquiries: (02) 8382 9100

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