Extremes of body composition may affect accuracy of estimation.


Weight is predicted from patient’s height as follows:

Males(kg) = 50kg + 0.9kg for every cm of height > 152cm

Females(kg) = 45kg + 0.9kg for every cm of height > 152cm


Creatinine Clearance (mL/min) = {(140 – Age) x Wt x F}/ (P Creat x 0.814)


M= 1 (males); F=0.85 (females)

Plasma creatinine range is 30 - 1300 umol/l
Age range is 18-120 years
Height range is 140-240 cm
M = 1 and F = 0.85
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Cockcroft and Gault Creatinine clearance (eCrCl) based on Patient Height


Reference Interval: 90 - 150 mL/min (lower values expected in older subjects)