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Our pathologists are recognised both nationally and internationally for their partnerships with major research affiliations. As part of our ongoing commitment to research and scientific development, SydPath provides a service based on the most recent advances in scientific pathology and laboratory technology. Our most recent publications, chapters and textbooks are listed below by pathology discipline.

Published Textbooks:


Practical Cytopathology: A Diagnostic Approach to Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy. Andrew Field and Matthew Zarka, Philadelphia, Elsevier, 2019.


The IAC Yokohama System for Reporting Breast FNAB Cytopathology. Andrew Field, Wendy Raymond and Fernando Schmitt, Springer, 2020.


Published Book Chapters:


Field AS. Cytopathology in low Medical Infrastructure Countries: why and how to integrate to Capacitate Health Care in Clinics in Laboratory Medicine: Global Health and Pathology. Clin Lab Med 2018;38:175-182


Published Articles:


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