Not all tests are covered by the Medicare rebate. When your doctor requests a test which is not covered by Medicare you will be privately billed. If the testing is done by a laboratory other than SydPath you will receive an invoice from that Pathology Service. Tests performed at SydPath are in bold type on the Non Medicare Rebatable Test list (link below) and will require payment on the day.

Please note: SydPath’s out of pocket guarantee does not apply to non-rebatable tests.

Exceptions: Inpatients of St Vincent’s Public Hospital and patients referred form St Vincent’s Public Hospital Out Patients Clinics. The cost of the non-rebatable tests for these patients will be re-billed to the department of the doctor that requested them.


To view our list of Non Medicare Rebatable Tests and to download a consent form to perform these tests, please click on the link below.

Non Medicare Rebatable Test List