• Should I fast for my blood test?

    Your doctor will tell you if you need to fast for a blood test. Some of the typical tests include fasting blood glucose, lipid profile, Vitamin B12, iron tests. Fasting should not exceed 12 hours and it is recommended to do so overnight. Only water is allowed and only stop taking your medication if told to so by your doctor.

  • What if I eat/drink something other than water?

    If you eat/drink anything other than water, please inform the person collecting your blood. You may need to reschedule your collection as food and drinks will affect your results.

  • What happens during my blood collection?

    The blood collection involves taking blood from a vein in your arm using a sterile needle. An alcohol swab is used to clean the skin prior to contact with the needle. There are various types of blood tubes that are used depending on which blood tests you are having. Your blood is collected inside these tubes and they are labelled with your personal details. These details must be correct. After collection, pressure should be applied and a bandaid used to reduce bleeding.

  • Are there any risks with having my blood taken?

    There are some risks associated with a blood collection. These include bruising, allergic reactions to items used such as latex gloves, bandaids and alcohol swabs, prolonged bleeding, fainting, damage to your vein if you move suddenly when the needle is inserted and pain in your arm as your skin is punctured.

  • Where does my sample go after it's taken?

    A SydPath courier will pick up your samples, drive to St. Vincent’s Hospital and deliver to SydPath Specimen Reception staff. From there, your personal and test details are checked and entered into the laboratory information system. Then your sample will be tested for the various tests requested by your doctor.

  • When do I get my results?

    Depending on the test, and how often it is performed, your results can be completed on the same day as collection or more usually within 2-3 days. However some tests are more complicated and require longer turnaround times which may delay your results. As the patient, we can not provide you with your own results. Only the requesting doctor can have access to your results.

  • Do I have to pay for my blood test?

    There are many factors involved when deciding on the cost of your blood test and who will pay for it. The Medicare Rebate System determines which tests are covered (the test is free to the patient) and which are not (the test has a cost to the patient). Please refer to our Non Rebatable Test List. Pensioner Card, Health Care Card & Veteran’s Affairs card holders, children under the age of 18 and adults over the age of 80 are eligible for bulk billing. For more information see our ‘Pay your Bill’ page here.