SydPath has an exceptional reputation of providing a range of quality services. Our senior and highly specialised pathologists offer expert advice within the St Vincent’s campus and externally. Our clinical trials management team has been recognised world wide for delivering on major research and clinical trial collaborations.

Our Speciality Services include, but are not limited to:

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Reference Laboratory Testing Services Access in Australia.

SydPath has selected Mayo Clinic Laboratories to extend our premium services even further by offering access to specialised send away reference laboratory testing.

Mayo Clinic Laboratories is a global reference laboratory that helps healthcare providers worldwide advance their patient care, strengthen practices and broaden access to specialised testing. By selecting Mayo Clinic Laboratories as its reference laboratory, SydPath aims to provide expanded specialised testing services to increase access to the clinical expertise of Mayo Clinic Laboratories to deliver optimised actionable results for doctors and patients.  Mayo Clinic Laboratories full test catalogue can be found here: Test Catalog – Mayo Clinic Laboratories (

Through this collaboration, SydPath can offer access to specialised haematology and neurology testing which to date have had accessibility considerations in Australia.  These areas of emerging interest include Amyloid Protein Identification, Paraffin, Mass Spectrometry and autoimmune neurology testing, which are rapidly evolving, with increasing numbers of clinically relevant biomarkers discovered each year. Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ specialised Haematology and Neuroimmunology laboratories have developed a unique approach to complement clinical acumen and improve patient care.

Kindly note that testing services offered by the Mayo Clinic Laboratories is not covered by Medicare. As such a quote for services will be provided and upfront payment will be required.

For more information, please contact:
Michelle Blackwell
Ph: +61 478 260 610

HIV Medicine

The NSW State Reference Laboratory for HIV/AIDS at St Vincent’s Hospital was established in 1983 to meet the needs and monitor the impact of the growing HIV epidemic. It is an approved reference laboratory for the diagnosis and clinical monitoring of HIV and related diseases. Diagnosing 40% of NSW or 30% of Australia’s newly identified cases of HIV infection, this laboratory plays an important role in surveillance of HIV infection in the wider community.

As a designated HIV Reference Laboratory we provide state and inter-state pathology referrals from general practice, private pathology companies, health insurance companies and community based organisations. As the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for HIV drug resistance testing we also receive samples from throughout Asia and Western Pacific countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of screening, diagnostic and confirmatory testing and complex tests used for the management of established HIV infection. The Reference laboratory also supports a range of community-based HIV rapid testing in primary care clinics. The HIV Reference Laboratory research labs based in the St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR) develops and provides standardised training programs, quality procedures, test reagent management, quality control, calibration maintenance of equipment and the testing environment, technical troubleshooting and processes for efficient confirmation of reactive rapid test results.


Staff members at St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR) 


Out fast-track testing strategies are optimised to deliver fully confirmed HIV diagnosis packaged with other sexual health tests within 24 hours from sample receipt and which are selected to detect the earliest indicators of recent infection. We provide the following services:

  • Nucleic acid tests to resolve indeterminate serology tests and to confirm recent HIV infection following exposure and to assist in early infant diagnosis.
  • HIV testing which differentiates between HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection
  • Specialised pharmacogenomics testing including HLAB57*01 Allele, V3 Loop Tropism testing and HIV genotypic drug resistance tests for complex monitoring of patients with HIV infection that guide clinical treatment decision making.

Our research and development team conduct large scale public health surveillance for new HIV and Hepatitis C infection. We are continuously developing innovative testing programs to improve rates of testing and in hard-to-reach vulnerable populations in a variety of settings including Dried Blood Spot tests for remote and regional settings.

Our clinical trials team offers specialised sample logistics, biobanking and processing catering for a wide range of research studies based in immunology and sexually transmissible and blood borne infectious diseases and gene based therapies.

For more information on our Immunopathology testing capabilities, please click here.


Cancer Genetics + Genomics

SydPath offers an expanding service of molecular diagnostic assays for cancer diagnosis and treatment pathways, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) led by our Cancer Genetics Department. As each tumour is different, it is essential to identify precision oncology treatments based on your patients ‘s tumour molecular profile. Somatic genomic testing has now become the standard of care in a variety of cancers for further diagnostic refinement, risk stratification, and therapeutic approach.

For more information on our Anatomical Pathology testing capabilities, please click here.

Our Haematology Department also offers critical Cytogenetic and Haematological cancer services, which encompass karyotype, FISH, PCR and microarray analysis. The laboratory is the only NATA-accredited laboratory in NSW to offer a solely cancer-focused service.

For more information on our Haematology testing capabilities, please click here.

See our SydPath Haematological Next Generation Sequencing Service Guide here.

See our SydPath Next Generation Sequencing Service Guide here.


Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Every patient prescribed a medicine or combination of medicines requires monitoring of any negative effects or lack of response to their treatments. There are many factors affecting how a patient will respond to such treatments and our Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Department guide healthcare professionals in providing unique, tailor made treatment plans.

Our Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory has state of the art instrumentation including mass spectrometry, high pressure liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. We specialise in transplant immunosuppressants, cardiac, anticoagulant and anti-psychotic treatments, infectious disease treatment in the critically ill, antifungal drugs levels and HIV and Hepatitis C treatments levels. We support a broad range of clinical research projects and provide a drug dosing and efficacy service using computer modelling for a range of therapeutic drugs.

For more information on our Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology testing capabilities, please click here.


Clinical Trials

SydPath has an extensive Clinical Trial portfolio which is recognised as world class. Established in 1995, our varied trials experience includes pharmaceutical and biotech sponsored drug trials, blood and tissue banks and investigator initiated research.

We collaborating with our team, you are assured of a dedicated team of specialists in their field of expertise, to produce results on time and on budget.

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