Professor Richard Day

Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology Department

Dr Richard Day

Professor Richard Day is the Head of Clinical Pharmacology at SydPath and leads the drug monitoring laboratory and therapeutic advice service. He is also Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, UNSW and is a Clinical Pharmacologist and Rheumatologist.  Dr Day also practices rheumatology and musculoskeletal medicine at St Vincent’s Clinic. He graduated in Medicine from Sydney University and completed his Clinical Pharmacology training in 1981. He has trained at St Vincent’s Sydney, Kansas University Medical Centre, Kansas City, and the Centre for the Health Sciences, UCLA, Los Angeles Hospital. He is the Visiting Medical Officer at St Vincent’s Private and a Clinic Member of many societies including ARA, RACP, ASCEPT, ASCPT, ACR, DIA.

He teaches clinical pharmacology, therapeutics and principles of quality use of medicines (QUM) to medical students at UNSW. He co-founded and heads the Masters in Drug Development at UNSW. His research includes the pharmacotherapy of gout, diabetes, infectious diseases and psychotic disease and innovative methods of achieving the safer use of medicines. He was chairman of PHARM that advised the Federal Government of Australia on achieving QUM. He is Immediate Past President of the DIA, an international organization dedicated to the enhancement of the development of needed medicines world-wide.